Playing for Life! Increasing the Quality of Life for Shelter Dogs with Play Groups

September 2013

If you’re serious about saving the lives of shelter dogs, it’s definitely time to take a play break!

We’re talking about Playing for Life! a nationally recognized program used in over 55 organizations across the United States. Developed by Aimee Sadler, the Director of Training and Behavior at the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation in New York, it features daily canine play groups as an assessment, enrichment, training and adoption enhancement tool.

With this program in place, Southampton, an open admission shelter, has been able to maintain a canine live release rate in excess of 95%.

Please join Aimee Sadler and Maddie’s InstituteSM as we present Playing for Life! Increasing the Quality of Life for Shelter Dogs with Play Groups.

In this presentation, packed with dynamic video examples, you will learn:

  • The positive impact daily play groups can have on the quality of life of sheltered dogs.
  • How to assess behavior more accurately.
  • How the program will attract volunteers, improve staff morale and increase adoptions.

Aimee will describe the process of introducing dogs to a play group and determining the value of dog to dog social interaction for each participant. She will demonstrate how more accurate assessments can be made, which will help shelters and rescue groups make better matches between dogs and adopters.

The on-demand version of this webcast is now available, and can be viewed via computer or mobile device.

See the webinar here.