Aimee Sadler and Kodi Sadler will be presenting the Dogs Playing for Life! seminar at CAARMA in Pittsburgh, PA on June 25-28, 2014. For information on how to attend this seminar,

please email us at dogspfl@gmail.com.


6:00 to 10:00 pm Western PA Humane Society

1680 Fallen Timber Rd
Elizabeth, PA 15037

$30 per person, limited space – Payment through PayPal

Aimee Sadler is a nationally recognized trainer and speaker specializing in animal behavioral problems. Her techniques have been derived from 25 years of working with multiple species, from dogs to cats, from exotics to marine mammals as a private trainer, within the entertainment industry and within animal sheltering. For many years Aimee Sadler had been working double-time as Training and Behavior Executive Director of 2 open admission shelters, Longmont Humane Society and Southampton Animal Shelter. Since the implementation of her programs, euthanasia has decreased dramatically. Both open admission shelters maintain a Canine Live Release Rate exceeding 95% and have become national leaders in shelter canine behavior and adoption follow-up programs under Aimee’s professional guidance.

As a result of these successful models, Aimee’s work is consistently presented at Animal Welfare and Professional Dog Training Conferences, such as HSUS Animal Expo, No More Homeless Pets Conference, International Association of Canine Professionals Conference, Masters in Behavior Conference and the No Kill Conference and she is one of the honored recipients of the Henry Bergh Leadership Award for 2012.  What is “Playing For Life”™? Playing for Life is an internationally recognized training and behavior program developed for shelter dogs, but useful for boarding facilities, doggie daycares, private trainers and public dog park visitors. Already introduced to over 50 organizations across the US, this program features play groups as an assessment, enrichment, training and adoption enhancement tool. What will the seminar offer? Specific guidelines and tips for introducing dogs into play groups; How to effectively manage play styles with a diverse group of dogs with different personalities, play styles and backgrounds; How to look for signs to avoid problem interactions; How utilizing play groups will help to facilitate better play partner matches. Who Should Attend? The “Playing for Life”™ Seminar is open to everyone who is interested in dog/dog play, however we strongly recommend professionals working in animal related businesses, including Doggie DayCare, Boarding, Sheltering, Training and those using public dog parks to learn how dog play improves the behavior and socialization of all dogs.

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