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Canine Enrichment Coordinator

Position Summary

The Canine Enrichment Coordinator (CEC) works directly and collaboratively with the Volunteer Coordinator (VC), when applicable, to maintain individualized enrichment and training protocols commensurate with the philosophy of DPFL Programming and overall mission of enhanced quality of life for maximum life-saving. This position attends to the emotional and behavioral well-being of the entire shelter canine population.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ensures rotation of all qualifying dogs through daily PG.
  • Responsible for assuring sufficient daily exercise and time outside of their enclosure for all sheltered dogs while helping to coordinate assistance from staff and volunteers.
  • Communicate promptly and effectively with other shelter staff in order to assure consistency of dog handling based on changing needs and to provide updates on individual behavior concerns.
  • Assist in maintaining adequate signage and documentation (on kennels, around the building and within electronic records) for the entire canine population.
  • Works with shelter staff to implement enrichment and training protocols for individual dogs (on-site and off-site).
  • Develop and maintain a check-point system to assess behavioral well-being of the canine population.
  • Assist, as requested, in training volunteers to handle the dogs consistently and safely.
  • Maintain kennel environment by relocating dogs when behaviorally advantageous, designating daily kennel enrichment and providing for necessary kennel communication to guide staff and volunteers in ideal care for each dog.
  • Communicate with Adoption Staff about dog behavior updates and adoption promotion opportunities unique to individual dogs.
  • Provide adoption counseling to potential adopters for dogs specified as needing special adoption recommendations and/or support.
  • Conduct dog-dog interactions with potential adopters, when requested.
  • Teach/train designated kennel staff proper handling techniques in accordance with DPFL Programming.
  • Ensure canine enrichment areas (Play Group yards) are properly cleaned and maintained.
  • Support organization in the development and implementation of any new protocols or programs designed to enhance the quality of life for the entire canine population.
  • Other duties as assigned


Job Qualifications

Education and Experience:

  • Minimum of 1 year of experience in animal welfare; animal shelter experience preferred.
  • Observed handling skills and knowledge of DPFL Programming,

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Proven knowledge of the guidelines and practices in an animal welfare/shelter environment.
  • Knowledge of local animal control laws and state humane laws and their application to the general public and the relationship to adoption.
  • Demonstrated excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication, public speaking and customer service skills.
  • Ability to use a PC and widely used software packages, e.g., spreadsheets (Excel), word processing (MS Word), Chameleon or Pet Point shelter software; ability to learn new software as necessary.
  • Ability to meet deadlines; ability to set and accomplish work in order of priority; professionally maintain composure and effectiveness under pressure and changing conditions.
  • Able to work a flexible schedule with regular weekend and evening activities.
  • Must hold a valid driver’s license and have an insurable driving record.

Working Conditions:

  • Office and animal shelter environment.
  • Potential exposure to high noise levels, behaviorally challenged and potentially aggressive animals and zoonotic diseases.
  • Exposure to all weather conditions.
  • Occasional lifting of up to 50 pounds.
  • Frequent use of computer and telephone.

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