Learning Library

A Comprehensive Resource for Shelter Professionals

In compiling this initial library, Dogs Playing for Life employees spent more than 500 hours reviewing video footage and curating a robust collection of content to aid shelters in their pursuit of broadening their skill sets and improving their lifesaving programs.

With educational resources such as fully narrated and/or captioned playgroup videos, user-friendly handling and training instructional guides, and access to program impact data and other operational tools, this library represents our unwavering commitment to our mission of helping shelters meet the needs of running playgroups for Every Dog, Every Day!

Library Contents

Handling and Training Materials:

  • A detailed outline of Dogs Playing for Life Training Principles complete with video references
  • Digital guides containing video examples of foundational basics of training that can be applied in shelter and foster environments
  • Printable cheat sheets outlining these foundational exercises; print, laminate, and hang throughout your shelter for easy access!

Impact and Research:

  • Annual reports showing the impact of our programming

Operational Resources:

  • A growing collection of recommendations and best practices for playgroup as well as shelter operations for excellent canine care

Playgroup Video Library:

  • A comprehensive collection of videos demonstrating paramount playgroup concepts and principles organized by skill or category
  • Videos were captured during playgroup seminars and contain real-time instruction from Dogs Playing for Life instructors and/or additional captioning for broader application and context in shelter playgroups

Presentation Handouts:

  • PDF copies of the Dogs Playing for Life Playgroup Presentation and more


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