Canine Center Florida

Patton is Ready for a Home

We have a soft spot for all of the dogs that come to Canine Center Florida (CCF), but some just work their way into our hearts a little bit deeper. Patton (whose friends call him Tuna) has been with us far too long. It’s never our goal to keep dogs here long term; we want them to have opportunities to move on and find their own people and places.

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Pretty Girl’s Amazing Transformation

For years, Pretty Girl was “feral” and was having litters of puppies in the woods. Many concerned citizens had tried to catch her for six months. When a nice family finally caught her, they did everything they could think of to adopt her with love and care, but at that point, Pretty Girl was completely wild. She wouldn’t let anyone touch her and scampered off when approached.

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Spot the Survivor

After living the majority of his life in a shelter, Spot gets a new, well-deserved chance at a better life!

Imagine what it must be like for a dog to end up in a noisy and hectic shelter. Your family has abandoned you and you don’t understand why. You can’t tell your new caretakers what you need to feel safe and secure and you have no idea what is going to happen next.

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