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Patton at Dogs Playing for Life

We have a soft spot for all of the dogs that come to Canine Center Florida (CCF), but some just work their way into our hearts a little bit deeper. Patton (whose friends call him Tuna) has been with us far too long.

It’s never our goal to keep dogs here long term; we want them to have opportunities to move on and find their own people and places. But for some reason, this delectable gentleman has just stuck around. And much like a fine wine, he’s gotten better with age.

Patton has had the opportunity to live in a foster home here at CCF with staff, where he’s demonstrated impeccable house manners and has become a favorite – he’s truly the perfect house dog.

But the time has come; we all really want to see Patton find a soft spot to land – this sweet senior deserves it!

Like many dogs who come to CCF, prior to his arrival, Patton had found himself in a spot of trouble making some poor choices about things he didn’t want to share.

That’s what we do here at our Canine Center and where we shine – we are there to help when dogs make mistakes or just need someone to believe in them and recognize their potential.

At Dogs Playing for Life, we view all dogs as individuals and begin with a thorough assessment to determine a plan for success.

We learned that Patton loved to tug and wanted to work hard with his handlers. Because of this sweetness, sociability, and drive, he has been an absolute pleasure for staff to work with. In his younger years, he might have even loved a career in sports, though these days, he’d probably prefer to watch the big game on TV and play a few training games around the house.

At ten now, he’s shown himself to be an easy fellow to have around and has a laundry list of skills and advanced training to prove it. However, don’t let his age fool you – he still loves walks, tugs, and other fun activities with his people.

Patton has endeared himself to us all with his goofiness; one of our favorite games with him is tossing him treats while he’s in his special spot – a comically tiny little dog bed that he absolutely loves squeezing himself into to catch cheese puffs and other goodies. Because yes, for all of the serious advanced training and behavior work we do at DPFL, we love to have a little fun with special guys like Patton.

Patton and Aimee Sadler DPFL
Patton sophie gamand photo

If you can help this easy-to-love boy by offering Patton a foster or adoptive home, or rescue placement (he’d prefer an adult-only home as the only pet), email Melissa at [email protected] to learn more.

Patton will come with a comprehensive training report as well as FREE VET CARE FOR LIFE, thanks to a generous sponsor.

Thank you for helping us find this sweet boy a home at last.

Photos courtesy of Sophie Gamand & Rita Earl.


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