Pretty Girl's Amazing Transformation

Pretty Girl at Canine Center Florida

Pretty Girl was a unique case at Canine Center Florida (CCF), showing our ability to transform even the most frightened and skittish dog into a confident, loving companion

For years, Pretty Girl was “feral” and was having litters of puppies in the woods. Many concerned citizens had tried to catch her for six months. When a nice family finally caught her, they did everything they could think of to adopt her with love and care, but at that point, Pretty Girl was completely wild. She wouldn’t let anyone touch her and scampered off when approached.

After minimal progress, she was delivered to Canine Center Florida where we went to work building trust with Pretty Girl. After 145 days in our care, Pretty Girl was completely transformed! She returned to her family where she has been living happily with other animals and people for more than two years. Now, she even comes when called after escaping her yard!

Canine Center Florida (CCF) is our first advanced training and behavior facility for unowned dogs that are suffering behaviorally. We review the history of each dog and then professionally assess them to determine the best course of action.

Our current rate of a positive outcome at CCF is 87% – and keep in mind these are the last small percentage of dogs that shelters have the toughest time adopting out. 

Sadly, if not for the CCF program’s intervention, these dog’s journeys could have ended with euthanasia. Our goal is to expand our operation to save even more dogs, but we need all of our dog-loving supporters to pitch in.


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