Kate Graduates CFF, Finds New Home

Kate was brought into Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter way back in March of 2016 as a stray. At the shelter, she was available for adoption but would bite at fingers when visitors reached into her kennel – not causing injury but resulting in not being chosen time and time again.

Sometime later, a potential adopter was attempting to put a collar on Kate when she reacted poorly and SNAPPED AT the man. At that point, Kate was deemed unsafe for adoption, but the shelter staff knew she could be helped. She was then sent to DPFL’s Canine Center Florida (CCF) for evaluation, training, and lots of TLC.

Upon arrival at CCF in March 2018, Kate displayed barrier reactivity and was wary of new people, especially men.

Her most vital training was focused on meeting new people – both at CCF and at off-site venues – and she has grown tremendously with the guidance of our staff. She now shows social and friendly behavior when meeting new people.

One thing we learned is that Kate loves to learn! Her obedience skills are advanced and she passed her GRC Social Responsibility test demonstrating mannerly walking on leash, appropriate greeting of strangers, down, stay, middle, along with other socially acceptable behaviors. She loves to work for treats and enthusiastically demonstrates her obedience skills when asked. This girl goes nuts for treats!

Kate enjoys being with people and has proven to be an attentive and affectionate companion. In addition to lots of training, Kate has spent time living in our staff housing, appreciating cuddles, and playtime with toys.

Kate at Canine Center Florida

After Kate’s training was complete and with approval from her previous shelter, Kate’s profile was posted to our Petfinder account.

It was through Petfinder that Mara, Kate’s adopter, found and fell in love with Kate. After reading Kate’s initial assessment and watching videos of her at the Canine Center, Mara was impressed with her training and was excited about the possibility that Kate could be a friend for her current dog, Rock. Mara came to DPFL’s Canine Center with her dog to meet Kate and spend time getting to know her.

Kates adoption was finalized on September 14, 2020!

Things have been going great in Kate’s new home. Her first vet appointment went swimmingly and the vet and vet tech loved her. Kate and Rock get along so well and they love to play together.

Kate in Her New Home

“She is such a happy, hungry, sweet, and bold girl!” – Mara 


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