ZOEY to Be AN Arson Detection Dog

Zoey at Canine Center Florida Playing Dog

Zoey is a proud graduate of Canine Center Florida (CCF) and we have unbelievable news to share about her incredible journey! Thanks to your steadfast support, Zoey will soon be transferred to the Throw Away Dogs Project to be an Arson Detection Dog!

She came to us from the Southampton Animal Foundation in late July 2019, after showing a very high drive with no healthy outlets for her energy, frustration, and stress from kennel life. Dogs Playing for Life has worked with many dogs over the years, but Zoey is without a doubt one of the most intelligent, athletic, affectionate social butterflies we’ve had the privilege of working with! After her time with our staff at CCF, Zoey now has healthy outlets for her excess energy and is exceptionally well-trained – so much so that even the world champion and renowned trainer, Ivan Balabanov, sings the praises of this incredible dog.

Video Disclaimer: Footage in the video above shot prior to COVID-19.

Zoey was struggling to find a purpose for her high energy and intelligence before our intervention, and likely her outcome wouldn’t have been quite as amazing. 

She’s gone from being the ultra high-drive dog that couldn’t find a home in the shelter to saving lives as an Arson Detection Dog. Your support of our mission has meant everything to Zoey.

“Zoey is as much a high-flying gladiator as she is a couch potato!”


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